All Kinds of Medicaid Training Now Posted Online

All Kinds of Medicaid Training Posted Online

FUSE and Family Voices Indiana are partnering to offer To Your Child’s Health, a series of health care finance trainings designed to help families raising children with disabilities learn more about the systems that can help meet their child’s health needs. The online version of our All Kinds of Medicaid training is now available.

Access the training at this link.  You can also access the interactive webquest document here.

The first two trainings in this series were:

Navigating the Funding Maze

Filling the Funding Gaps

If you missed either of these sessions, you can now access them online! Just click on the title of the training you want to view above, and it will take you to the online video presentation. After you do the training, please access the webquest document that goes with it so that you can explore all the resources the training has to offer.

The next training in the series is  Health Care Financing after age 18 (October 20).

This training is funded by a grant from Sponsored by.